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This Toyota Progress is perhaps the only car in its class thats superior to a Lexus and was designed to compete with BMW 5 series and Mercedes C class. Computerized braking, electronic memory based steering adjustment that readjusts to your last sitting position, VSC system:Helps prevent wheels from slipping sideways when cornering or sudden steering. VSC is a system that helps prevent side skids and help stabilize the vehicle while turning on a curve.This car also has TRC system: (When you are starting the vehicle or accelerating on a wet surface, you could lose control of the wheel because of wheel spin) TRC will help prevent such events from happening; Crystal clear Reverse Backup Camera, Upscale AC : separate driver and passenger temperature control. Curtain, side and front airbags, Extremely fuel efficient 1JZ-FE engine. Left your windows down and the rain starts, don’t worry roll your windows UP or Down from a distance with your car key.  This is an extremely beautiful and luxurious Sedan I hate to loose it but life goes on. Call me 1473-4151885 / 473-410-1110 or email me at pastgordon [at] gmail [dot] com. THIS CAR IS LESS THAN 3 MONTHS IN THE COUNTRY.